A 3D Virtual Universe - Coming Soon!

Werescape - The Open Source Virtual Universe

Werescape is now open source!

The repository is located here!

You will be able to modify and/or creature modules and work on 95% of the source code, the other 5% is protected source code that is not released to public for security reasons, this includes the core module and auto update modules, everything else including the 3D scene, GUI, p2p communications is open to modification and after your pull request has been approved and reviewed it will be added via live update to the users.

The alpha is here!

To report a bug please visit:
    Our GitLab Bug Tracker
You may also email Ryan:
    ryan [at] werescape [dot] com
Or send a message via Telegram to:
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What is the alpha stage?
See this Wikipedia article.

What makes Werescape different?

  • No need to download any SDK's.
  • No creating worlds then having to upload them.
  • No having to upload model, textures, animations separately.
    It's all done by uploading a single file, set your animations using easy to use slider ranges for each animation, no need to script to animate your avatars!
  • Allow other avatars to attach to you (think mounts, etc.)
  • Place cameras on objects and watch the feed remotely.
  • Arbitrary skeletons with 500 bone maximum, max 4 bones influences per vertex.
  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) marerials support.

So what is Werescape?

Werescape is similar to other 3D online virtual worlds such as Second Life, Twinity and so on except far more modern with many more features and will feature not just land simulation but also space simulation environment, yes environment as it's all just like real life, infinite space, no loading worlds or simulators. The Terranova Engine which powers Werescape is a modern 3D virtual endless open universe engine with a borderless environment which enables deeper immersion due to a lack of loading screens using instead instant teleportation, warp gates or live portals.

What's in a name?

Werescape is from old English Wer meaning "man" though now a days we would consider this to be "human" and scape being the suffix denoting a specified type of scene or area like that of landscape, thus the name means Human Landscape but Werescape sounds better, it also has another meaning for those who enjoy anthropomorphic creatures that are part human and part animal such as in most MMO-RPG games, people call them Were creatures like Werefox, Werewolf, Weretiger, and so on, this name Werescape covers all of these and will have all of these and whatever else people create as Werescape is just that, a platform to create and share, explore, build and even sell things or fight battles, but it isn't just confined to land as Werescape is a infinite living universe!

Will Werescape have VR headset capabilities?

Yes, it will eventually have VR headset capabilities as well as controller capabilities but it may not be added until after beta as we're waiting on the graphics engine developers to finalize work. However, VR will only function at 75 FPS or higher, 90 or better is ideal. If the average FPS is below 75 the ability to enable the VR Camera will be disabled.